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LEGO Dots Review: Bracelet Sets

There’s a new product available from everyone’s favorite brick company – LEGO Dots! They offer several different dot sets but today we’re sharing our experience with the LEGO Dots Bracelet sets.

There are five different sets to choose from, as well as an extra dots package to make even more unique designs!

Which LEGO Dots Bracelets Sets are Available to Purchase?

  • LEGO Dots Rainbow
  • LEGO Dots Love Birds
  • LEGO Dots Sparkly Unicorn
  • LEGO Dots Cosmic Wonder
  • LEGO Dots Funky Animals
  • LEGO Dots Magic Forest
  • LEGO Dots Power

They’re very affordably priced too, at just $4.99 a package!

You can also purchase LEGO Dots pencil holders, picture holders, extra dots, and a jewelry stand.

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What’s Inside a LEGO Dots Bracelet Set?

Each package contains a flexible, adjustable band and 32 colorful tiles.

I loved how colorful and fun the bands and LEGO tiles were. These are perfect for children who love to be creative and play with LEGO’s.

What’s Unique About LEGO Dots

  • Instructions are not included; your child can choose any design or pattern they’d like.
  • Instead of building, you dot! These tiles are not stackable like traditional LEGO’s – instead, you dot them on the bracelet band.
  • They’re so simple to use and offer unlimited designs – making them perfect for younger and older children.
  • Make a completely different bracelet design in just minutes!

Thoughts on LEGO Dots Bracelets

Miss 9 absolutely loved creating her LEGO dot bracelet! We both loved how colorful and fun the band and tiles were and how easy the tiles were to place on the band. She started by laying out her design on the table and then placed the tiles on the bracelet.

The tiles were very easy to remove from the band if you decide to change the design. Simply press up on the band to remove the tile you’d like to swap out. Unlike standard LEGO’s, these were very easy to remove without the use of a LEGO separator.

For how easy the tiles are to remove, you might think they would pop off during play but I was very happy to see that the tiles stayed on. Miss 9 has been wearing her bracelet all week (even at night) and all the tiles have stayed put (well, not including the tiles that Miss 4 removed but that’s another story lol …).

LEGO Dots Bracelets are perfect for younger children and older children as well! They aren’t messy like some crafts so if you’re looking for a non-messy creative activity, these would be perfect.

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I was pleasantly surprised to see that their adjustable bands fit Miss 2 as well as me so they really are suitable for a wide range of ages.

Should you Purchase LEGO Dots Bracelets?

Based on our experience with LEGO Dots Bracelets, I would highly recommend this product! Especially if your children:

  • Love LEGO’s
  • Love to be creative
  • Love jewelry
  • Are looking for a non-messy activity

I’d even be tempted to bring these along with a small plastic bin or shoebox and have the kids work on these during a road trip. What a fun way to pass the time!

Where Can You Purchase LEGO Dots Bracelets?

  • Target.com – Actually, Target.com has the best selection I’ve seen anywhere. In fact, they offer many designs that aren’t available elsewhere, including designs I wasn’t aware of, such as: LEGO DOTS Power Bracelet, LEGO DOTS Magic Forest Bracelet, and a mega pack. You can purchase online and have them shipped to your home (and they ship fast!) or place your order online and either pick them up in the store or have them delivered right to your car. Shop LEGO Dots at Target.com here.
  • .
  • Amazon.com – When I looked, Amazon didn’t offer the best selection and their price was higher than Target but their prices do fluctuate, so it’s worth taking a look if you prefer shopping at Amazon. Shop LEGO Dots at Amazon.com here.

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