The Activity Room by Hands on as We Grow is now open for enrollment

Join The Activity Room for Simple, Doable Activities to Do with Your Children

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What if you had an easy-to-follow plan?

What if, each week, you received an easy-to-follow plan with fun, doable activities to do with your children? Activities to brighten their day (and yours), activities that will make your children say “thank you!” – an easy way to create memories with your children?

The Activity Room is the solution and for a very limited time, enrollment has re-opened (it only opens up three times a year)! Now until Thursday, March 19, 2020, you can join thousands of other parents and fill up your kids’ attention buckets!

In order to have that simple PEACE OF MIND of knowing HOW TO KEEP OUR KIDS BUSY so we can get the dishes done without them underfoot…. it’s so simple…

We need to fill up their attention bucket FIRST.

Wouldn’t it be so easy if we always had an easy-to-follow plan of fun things to do with our kids?

If you’re ready for a super quick and easy way for you to spend quality time with your kids, save time and the headache of searching through the overwhelming amount of activities with a quick and easy-to-follow plan of activities, and actually do the activities…

The Activity Room is your key to making that happen.

See what others are saying about The Activity Room! 💓

“I could spend hours on Pinterest, wading through broken links and spam and then never end up following through on anything. The Activity Room, everything is all in one place! Plus I like it for motivation and accountability!” – Brandi

“Our TV time was out of control, we have cut it by 75% since joining.” – Holly Peters

“I love the excitement on my kids faces when they find the activity I’ve set up and even more love that I don’t have to think about it – you’ve done the hard work. Thank you 😀” – Stephanie Croes

“This group has been such a blessing for us. I get so stuck on what to do with that I waste so much time researching and never get to the actual activity!!!” – Aimee

“I’ll just take this chance to tell you that what you do is so amazing, you help parents and children create so many special memories 🙏 Before I found you I would spend hours searching for ideas, I wished for something easy that would provide continuous ideas and you popped up! 😀” – Vicky Barinbaum

“My daughter thinks I am a genius, because I always have an activity to do when she asks. #ilovetheactivityroom” – Stephanie Walsh

More cheerful moments and more confidence that you’re the parent you’ve always wanted to be – without the struggle to find the time to plan activities?

The Activity Room makes it super quick and easy for you to spend that quality time with your kids, every day!

By following along with The Activity Room’s monthly activity plans, you can expect to:

👉Discover simple ideas are really the best ideas to keep young kids engaged and interested

👉Save time and the headache of searching through the overwhelming amount of activities with a quick and easy-to-follow plan of activities

👉Enjoy your days while regularly implementing activities!

👉Connect with your child and make tons of amazing childhood memories for (and with!) them

👉Discover the tricks to doing activities: multiple kids, the mess, a small space, we’ll be covering those in our monthly themes!

👉Save your rainy days from being sucked into the television.

The Activity Room is only open for enrollment three times a year and enrollment is OPEN NOW.

What are you waiting for?

Enrollment closes in a few days so click the image to sign up today!

Click here to join today!

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The Activity Room by Hands on as We Grow is now open for enrollment

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