Helpful Homeschool Tips to Make Over Your Day!


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20+ Helpful Homeschool Tips

Homeschooling is a blessing, but at times, it’s also a challenge. A good one, but a challenge all the same! Sometimes, it’s good to be able to get new ideas, and sometimes, it’s just a good thing to know that someone gets it.

We do. We get it! I’ve teamed up with some friends who are also homeschool bloggers to provide provide you with our favorite tips, tricks, and homeschool strategies. We just want to be a blessing to you!

As you look through the posts below, please feel free to click on whichever posts will be helpful to you. But I also encourage you – keep this and come back to it whenever you need help, encouragement, or just “someone who gets it.” Because I promise, we do. 🙂

Being able to stay home with our kids is a blessing, but if you’re running low on ideas to keep your little ones busy and learning, let Dana (that’s me!) from The Art Kit Blog help with activities to keep little ones occupied during the homeschool day.

And if you have high schoolers – or soon-to-be high schoolers – you’ll want to know how to create a homeschool portfolio for high school. Sarah from My Joy-Filled Life has you covered!

Have you ever tried using a morning basket, or would you like to? Sara from Heart and Soul Homeschooling can show you how to use a morning basket to simplify your homeschool. (Simple is good!)

If you’re anything like me, there are times you get overwhelmed. (We all do. Promise.) When you’re in need of encouragement from scripture, check out 10 best Bible verses to encourage overwhelmed moms from Rachel at Smart Moms, Smart Ideas. 

Do you have a child that might benefit from occupational therapy, but would like to look into at-home options? Yvie from Homeschool on the Range has several easy, effective occupational therapy tips and ideas for you!

Homeschooling multiple ages can be great, but it can also be challenging! Misty from Many Seasons of Motherhood has some fantastic ideas and encouragement for you.

Do you follow more of an unschooling or eclectic method, or do you have a child who thrives with it? It’s a great option for many, but planning your unschool or eclectic studies can be difficult. Jen from Life Beyond the Lesson Plan has some great tips and tricks to help you out!

Kids with autism often have developmental milestones that come at different times; knowing when to move them to a different level can be a challenge. Penny from Our Crazy Adventures in Autismland shares wisdom and tips to help you know whether your child with autism is ready for kindergarten.

Homeschooling with toddlers certainly keeps you on your toes, in many ways! Let Heidi from The Unexpected Homeschooler help you out with some strategies you’ll love.

Writing isn’t an easy skill to learn for many kids, but when your child has vision challenges, things become a lot harder. Betty from Peace Creek on the Prairie has some fantastic ideas for helping kids with vision challenges learn to write.

Do you find that your homeschool space tends to get a little (or a lot) out of countrol? You’re not alone, promise! Kimberly from Brookdale House has some terrific ideas to help you organize your homeschool space.

Are you looking for ways to make school more enjoyable for an autistic child? Debbie from the Homeschooling Dietitian Mom shares her experiences and offers some great tips.

Many of us are looking for ways to keep our homeschooling budget in check. Michelle from With the Huddleston’s has some great ideas to help you maximize your investment in home education!

If you have a dyslexic child, you know that reading can be seen as a chore. Brooke from The Fervent Mama has 5 tips to help your dyslexic child enjoy reading!

Parenting and homeschooling teens can be a bit of a roller coaster at times, but it’s important to know when to bend and when to set boundaries and rules. Pat from Breakthrough Homeschooling offers some wise words with 5 things never to apologize for to your teen.

Have you been thinking of adding nature studies into your homeschool day, but you’re just not sure where to start? Sarah from Holistic Homeschooler has some amazing resources for you, including helpful tips on how to get started with a nature diary.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for ways to give my child more resources without breaking the bank. Jamie from Mom. Wife. Homeschool Life shows you how to homeschool with Kindle Unlimited!

Scheduling your day may seem like it should be easy, but it’s often not. Jennifer from Sound Foundations Homeschool has some great tips to help you out!

Do you ever feel like you should add science experiments to your schedule, but they just seem like a hassle? You’re not alone! Bethany Ishee has some tips and ideas both you and your kids will love!

Praying for our children and our homeschools is important, but sometimes it’s difficult to know what or how to pray. Annette from In All You Do has some encouragement for you with 10 back to school prayers for moms.

If you ever feel like you’re making homeschooling harder than it has to be, Abby from Making Room 4 One More has some tips that can help!

I hope you find encouragement and practical tips from these posts, and that you have an incredible homeschool year! 

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