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LIMITED TIME OFFER: Free Books from The Good and the Beautiful

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Free Books from The Good and the Beautiful

The Good and the Beautiful is giving away 75,000 books as part of their summer reading program!

Why is The Good and the Beautiful giving away 75,000 free books?

The Good and the Beautiful’s overarching mission is to help draw children and families to learning and books that are clean, promote high character, and create strong and faithful minds and hearts. There is so much joy to be found in rich, uplifting literature.

How does the program work?

1. Add one FREE Summer Reading Program pack above to your cart for each of your children. Choose from 4 levels, each with a different book. Only pay $1.49/pack shipping. Each pack contains these free items:

  • One free book (to be read during the summer reading program or used as the award for completing the program)
  • A create-your-own jungle scene reading chart with stickers to track progress


2. Download the FREE summer reading program PDF pack and print out the reading chart, stickers, and bookmarks at home.

3. Choose books from The Good and the Beautiful Book List to read during the summer and gather the books. Discounted new releases are found on TGTB’s website or you can gather books from goodandbeautiful.com/library, online, or at your library. After each book is read, the child will write the book title on the chart and put a sticker on the scene.

4. After reading 5 books, the chart is complete, and your child can receive the free book (if you have the physical pack) or another reward of your choosing. If you are using the free PDF download, come up with your own prize for your child, such as a camp out in the backyard, an ice cream party, or any other special prize.

Don’t forget the eagle sticker your child can add when their parent watches The Good and the Beautiful Book Challenge available by clicking here.

Get your free book + summer reading pack here.

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