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Free Sibling Posters: To Help them Get Along Better

Free Sibling Posters: To Help them Get Along Better

Do your kids start fighting the moment they wake up?

Before you’ve even had your morning coffee you hear:

  • “MOMMMM! He’s looking at me!!”
  • “AHHH! She’s always bossing me!”
  • “Don’t touch my stuff! I’m telling! MOMMMM!”

You sigh, put down your unfinished cup of coffee, and head to the battle zone.

If your kids just can’t seem to get along — and they’re name-calling, hitting, kicking and putting each other down — I’ve got something for you that’ll bring your family some peace.

Dayna Abraham — best-selling author of 2 parenting books and founder of the popular parenting blog Lemon Lime Adventures — is offering her audience a free “Sibling ‘Get-Along’” Poster Pack…

And I have the privilege of offering it to you, too 🙂

These 3 free printable posters show you:

  • 10 simple ways to stop fights and arguments before they even start 
  • 10 ways to get your kids to play nicely (either together and or alone) without bickering, hurt feelings, or jealousy
  • How to talk so siblings listen — The exact words and phrases your kids can use to stop your living room from turning into World War 3. (If you spend half your day hearing things like “STOP!” or “DON’T TOUCH MY STUFF!” this will be a lifesaver.)

By using these posters, your kids can even become best friends!

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Click here to get the free “Get Along” Poster Pack today→

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