Free Sensory Workshop for Parents

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The Sensory Parenting Workshop is starting this Tuesday, June 11th. There will be 3 video trainings for sensory parents by Julie, a fellow sensory mama. She has been blessed to have an OTA for a mother and she’s wanting to pass on all that knowledge and support to you!

She’ll be covering:

  1. What is Sensory Processing really? What’s going on in the brain and the body?

  2. What’s normal, and what’s a problem? What’s just kid stuff and what needs intervention?

  3. How can we become the best advocates for our kids?

​All the videos will be UNDER 15 minutes because we’re all busy folks. The videos will only be available to watch through the 16th. But the good news is it’s all FREE!

Click here to sign up for the free workshop

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