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As a parent of young kids, I bet you’re wanting to sneak away every once in a while and have 20 minutes of non-playtime.

To fold laundry, wash dishes, vacuum …

Do these sound like you?

You do activities together but you really need her to spend some time just playing beside you while you work with your older children or care for the baby…

You work from home, and he wants you to play with him constantly. While playing with him is a good thing, and you wish you could, you do need to be productive in your job. 

You get nothing done during the day but playing with her… if you say no, she cries or runs straight to the tablet… You are tired of pushing cars around, roaring like a dinosaur and crawling all over the floor pretending to be whatever… You are exhausted!

My friend Jamie has a special challenge just for you!

This challenge is a 5-day Play Beside Me Activity Challenge from Jamie of Hands On As We Grow. It starts on Monday, March 30th — 

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Sign up here.

By the end of this challenge, you’ll have simple go-to activities that keep your child busy playing beside you when you need to get the dishes done, fold the laundry, or call a friend.

But, here’s the genius part — she does this without it being ‘work’ for the kids or you! There are 5 fun days of activities that engage your child, get them to put down their iPads AND allow you to get your work done. Plus, her activities use basic supplies that you’ll have on hand (she’ll send you a supply list right away to check).

If you don’t know Jamie yet, let me give you a quick intro — she has this knack for simplifying activities down so they’re so easy to do, with so little prep, that you have no reason not to do them. She also makes sure to use supplies that you have in your home, so there’s no time wasted running to the store getting the things you need. And she’s all about the fun!

I’ve done these challenges she provides in the past, and they are such a simple way to keep your child busy and entertained — and stop all the begging and pleading to come and play (and not feel guilty about it). 

I’m super excited to do this Play Beside Me challenge in a few days.

How do you sign up for this Play Beside Me Activity Challenge?

Sign up here.

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You’ll get a supply list from Jamie right away just to make sure you’re ready to go by the 20th. 

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