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Free PDF Files from Brainy Box- Themed Montessori Learning

Brainy Box, a company that offers themed Montessori style learning kits for children, is offering all of their PDF kits for FREE!

We have used their kits in the past and the children really enjoyed them so I am so excited to be able to share with you that you they are generously offering their PDF kits for free.

They offer several different themes, including:

  • Frogs and Turtles
  • Art Appreciation
  • Life in Space
  • Transportation
  • And more!

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Montessori Cursive Moveable Alphabet with Box

Montessori Moveable Alphabet with Box

How to Receive Your Free PDF Files from Brainy Box

To download the kits (you may download as many as you’d like), simply use coupon code 2020homeschool at checkout.

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