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FREE 3-Day Online Summit: Helping Parents Help Their Children Navigate School and Life Through Better Executive Function

Sign up for this free, heart-centered, three-day journey with 20 Executive Function experts (myself included!) who 'get' your uniquely wired child. Hosted by Seth Perler Friday, August 23rd - Sunday, August 25th.

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TEFOS, The Executive Function Online Summit, is a game-changer for parents, and features thought leaders in Executive Function, giftedness, twice-exceptional 2e learners, emotional regulation, social challenges, anxiety, learning differences, neurodiversity, parenting and more.

DEFINITION OF EXECUTIVE FUNCTION: In simplest terms, EF refers to our brain’s ability to get stuff done (homework, writing a paper or cleaning a room, etc.) In other words, to “execute” complex tasks through to completion.

If your child struggles with focus, organization, memory, time management, initiating and completing tasks, remembering details, or emotional regulation, they struggle with Executive Functioning. Attend this FREE 3-day summit to learn how to better support your child’s growth, learning from heart-centered experts and thought leaders.

With over 15 well-known speakers, this online course can be a game-changer for your family!

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executive function free

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