Enrollment to The Activity Room is OPEN!! Won’t Open Again Until Next Year.

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The Activity Room is Open for Enrollment Now! Won’t Open Again Until Next Year.

I had such a blast earlier last week during that Learning Without Worksheets Challenge from Jamie of Hands On As We Grow.

I hope you got to take advantage of that free challenge when I shared it with you — it was so helpful to keep our kids engaged with hands-on learning activities without the worksheets — because they’re not the only way to teach writing, reading and math concepts!

But the biggest thing we learned…

Doing these hands-on activities with our kids fill up their attention buckets!

In order to have that simple PEACE OF MIND of knowing HOW TO KEEP OUR KIDS BUSY so we can get the dishes done …. it’s so simple…

We need to fill up their attention bucket FIRST.

Wouldn’t it be so easy if we always had an easy-to-follow plan of fun things to do with our kids?

To make it so simple and easy for you to create this special quality time together, Jamie has a program called The Activity Room that I know you’ll love, so I have to share about it just a bit, plus it is only open for enrollment three times a year and enrollment JUST opened TODAY.

What this means for you, right now — is that The Activity Room is open for enrollment only through this Thursday, September 26th. After that time, she’ll close down to focus on her members and won’t open the doors again until the end of January in 2020.

The Activity Room makes it super quick and easy for you to spend that quality time with your kids, every day!

By following along with The Activity Room’s monthly activity plans, you can expect to:

  • Discover simple ideas are really the best ideas to keep young kids engaged and interested
  • Save time and the headache of searching through the overwhelming amount of activities with a quick and easy-to-follow plan of activities
  • Enjoy your days while regularly implementing activities!
  • Connect with your child and make tons of amazing childhood memories for (and with!) them
  • Discover the tricks to doing activities: multiple kids, the mess, a small space, we’ll be covering those in our monthly themes!
  • Save your rainy days from being sucked into the television.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

But here’s the absolute best part of it all — these activities and the monthly calendar are completely doable as a tired and worn out mom!

Click here to get started!

Enrollment will only be open through this Thursday — at that time the doors officially close to the public until January 2020.

Don’t wait to begin this process of investing in your child — you’ll be much more excited and eager if you get started now. And you’ll reap the benefits of longer independent play sooner.

Check it out here.

P.S. I’m not the only one that loves what Jamie provides for parents looking to connect with their kids >>

This week has been a big eye opener for me. With four kids, it is hard to give each of them individual attention. But 15 minutes a day is totally doable. Not only has this been important to me but also to my daughter. When we did an activity, she explained to her brother, “mama and me do a special thing every day and it’s only for us.” This time is important to her too. Thank you for this amazing week!!!!!!!!!! — see? Join The Activity Room

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