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Easter Basket Gift Guide

Easter Basket {Gift Guide}

Looking for a few fun items for the Easter basket this year? We try to stick with a few quality items, sprinkled with a few jelly beans tucked inside Easter eggs, and a chocolate bunny. Read on to discover some of our favorites.

Looking for some fun gifts for the Easter basket this year? Click through to discover some of our favorites. From @theartkit www.theartkitblog.com

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We typically start with a book, add in a craft supply, a little imaginative toy or two, and something to welcome in spring. This year we decided on the book God Gave us Easter, which I have heard such great things about. If you’d like to look at a few other spring-themed books, check out our review here.

Watercolor paints are such a popular item in our household and we go through them like, well, water! 🙂 We’ve tried quite a few different brands but this is one of our favorites because it has such a good variety of colors and because it includes white paint (which is a must according to my oldest, as she likes to mix colors and use tints.).

Our little ones love these little Schleich figurines. We love using them with playdough, playsilks, and water beads. We also recently discovered these amazing little erasers that come apart. The kids love them! They make all sorts of different styles, from food to animals. We haven’t actually used them as erasers so I can’t attest to how well they work there, but as far as creative and imaginative play goes, I’d give them an A+.

This gift combines both coloring and imaginative play as you design your own wearable butterfly wings. What a great gift!

If your little ones are anything like ours, they loving playing in the dirt and planting seeds and plants. We love anything by Green Toys, especially this gardening kit.

For basket filler, we like to use a green playsilk. You can reuse it year after year, the kids love to play with them all year-round (even the babies!), and we love that we aren”t picking up bits of Easter grass until next summer. 😉

What do you typically include in your Easter baskets? Candy only? Gifts too? Let us know in the comment section below.

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