Closing Tonight: Pam Barnhill’s Morning Basket Subscription 

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Make this the year you put the joy back into your homeschool

Do you feel overwhelmed at trying to cultivate an appreciation for truth, goodness, and beauty in your children?

Do you struggle to find great resources to use?

Do you find that you try to do all.the.things and then get overwhelmed and then do nothing instead?

Do you spend hours researching just the right books to read?

Do you feel intimidated choosing which poems to read or artists to study?

Do you wish you could find ideas for learning together across the ages and stages of your family?

Pam Barnhill has the solution: The Morning Time Plans Annual Subscription

  • Enjoy the best books, poems, and prayers in your Morning Time. Never spend hours looking for just the right resource again.
  • Avoid the checking-off-all-the-boxes trap. Instead enjoy your homeschool again by making time for the subjects you love.
  • Have more time for life.
  • Stop beating yourself up over not getting a plan made. Spend more time teaching your kids because the planning has been done for you.
  • Enjoy smoother mornings. (Use the plans to get going in the morning and have a better day all day long.)

Get the subscription hundreds of homeschool moms use to make connections and love learning together.

When you become a Morning Time Annual Subscriber you get the current collection of 37 Morning Time curriculum sets plus every new set of plans released while your subscription is active.

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View samples from morning time plans here.

Click here to learn more or to subscribe today.

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