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Apple Tree Coloring Page – FREE Printable!

Apple Tree Coloring Page – FREE Printable!

This cute apple tree coloring page is a great addition to any tree unit study, quiet time activity, or a brain break during the day.

This apple tree coloring page is a fun and free printable – perfect for children and adults of all ages!

Enjoy coloring in this free printable apple tree coloring page below.

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Apple Varieties:
Did you know that there are over 7,500 different varieties of apples around the world? Some of the most popular ones include Red Delicious, Granny Smith, and Gala. Which apple variety is your favorite?

Apple Blossoms: Apple trees produce beautiful flowers called apple blossoms in the spring. These blossoms eventually turn into apples.

Fruit Production: Apple trees can start producing fruit when they are about 3 to 5 years old and they can continue producing apples for up to 100 years!

Pollinators: Bees and other insects help apple trees make fruit by carrying pollen from one blossom to another. This process is called pollination.

Apple Parts: An apple has several parts: skin, flesh, core, seeds, and stem.

Apple Colors: Apples come in various colors, including red, green, yellow, and even shades of pink and orange.

Nutrition: Apples are a healthy snack. They are a good source of vitamins, especially vitamin C, and dietary fiber, which is great for your digestive system.

Apple Orchards: Apple trees are often grown in places called orchards, where many apple trees are planted together.

Harvest Time: Apples are typically harvested in the fall. This is when they are ripe and ready to be picked.

Uses of Apples: Apples can be eaten fresh, but they are also used to make delicious treats like apple pie, applesauce, apple juice, and even apple cider.

Apple Varieties for Different Uses: Some apples are better for eating fresh, while others are better for cooking or making cider. For instance, Granny Smith apples are tart and great for baking, while Fuji apples are sweet and perfect for snacking.

Apple Tree Lifecycle: Apple trees go through different stages in their lifecycle, including blossoming in the spring, growing fruit in the summer, and losing their leaves in the fall.

Caring for Apple Trees: Apple trees need water, sunlight, and care to grow healthy and produce lots of fruit. They also need to be pruned, which means cutting back some branches, to help them grow better.

History: Apple trees have been cultivated for thousands of years. The famous story of Isaac Newton and the falling apple is a part of their history.

Enjoy Watching this Educational and Fun Video about Growing Apple Trees while you Color

Download this coloring page below OR color it in digitally here (loads in 5 seconds):

apple tree coloring page_the art kit copy

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